Science Teacher Support?

A recent title in my google reader caught my attention, “Now is the Time to Support Science Teachers“. The article claims that the gulf oil spill is an opportunity to engage students with discussion about our energy future and to note the role of scientists and engineers in our society. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read the whole article, but here are some reactions.

I’m all for supporting any teachers, but instead of capitalizing on a crisis to scare us into caring about science, how about we create real change in how we teach science so that students might actually like science.  Instead of cramming facts down students’ throats and tacking on some superficial rationale for why they might need to know them, let’s tell the story of scientists, let students investigating their own questions, and worry less about facts and more about developing strong thinkers.  The creative/critical thinkers will be problem solvers in all domains, not just the problems for which they “crammed”.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but I feel better 🙂

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