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MS-PS1-2: Investigating changes

Sixth graders are innately curious about the world around them. However, sometimes channeling that curiosity and energy is a bit difficult. To channel that energy and provide support for conceptual learning, exploration activities are a great context to introduce concepts. … Continue reading

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Nature of science

This picture is the list our methods class came up with for ideas worth reaching about how science works, or the nature of science. Some of the aspect ought not be addressed explicitly in early elementary classrooms, but teachers should … Continue reading

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What do scientists do?

When discussing a recent project, my elementary science methods class developed some ideas about what scientists do. Notice how the traditional “scientific method” myth just doesn’t cut it.

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The Importance of Being Wrong

I was let in on a conversation concerning how a certain teaching strategy builds on successes of students in generating scientifically accurate ideas rather than identifying their misconceptions, confronting them, and then resolving (the strategy doesn’t matter – I really … Continue reading

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Theories do NOT become laws

Michael Doyle’s post about evolution and students’ acceptance of evolution brings up another misconception about how science works. Many (most) people believe science ideas progress through a hierarchy.  They believe ideas begin as hypotheses, then with some evidence they become … Continue reading

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No more “scientific method”

Taking a cue from John Spencer, I want to remove a phrase from our vocabulary.  Science teachers at all levels ought to stop using the term “scientific method”.  This term sends a powerful implicit message about how science works and … Continue reading

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